ESG Leader Medal


Get ESG Leader Medal as Symbolic Step Towards a Sustainability Value Creation


The Award is open to all organisations from the public, private, and NGO sector with validated business registration around the world.

  • Nomination by SN Global Chapters, Official Adjudicators, or Invited Nominators

The world leaders came together in 2015 and mobilised the 2030 Agenda: a set of 17 goals which balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental. Everything we stand for is to create a sustainable prosperity for businesses and the World.


It is particularly important for company executives to lead by example in sustainability initiatives because research shows that stakeholders, including employees, are often skeptical about a company’s motivations for getting involved in sustainability initiatives.


Besides the financial benefits that sustainability practices like energy conservation provide, studies have found that employee retention, productivity, and overall engagement all go up.


Leader Characteristics:

  1. Define the company's long-term (non-financial) purpose
  2. Create sustainability knowledge and competence
  3. Make every employee a sustainabliity ambassador
  4. Co-create sustainable practices with employees
  5. Encourage healthy competition among employees
  6. Make sustainability visible inside and outside the company
  7. Showcase higher purpose by creating transformational change



  • Chartered Professional

  • Senior Executive

  • Board of Director

  • Chairperson



  • Makes people feel ESG/Sustainability relavance
  • Turns your sustainability support into visiable credibility
  • Shows your Non-Product/Service Brand journey for ESG presence

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