Grand Impact Category

(Grand Prize)



The Grand Impact Categoy recognizes Co-Creating Overall Sustainable Business Value across the both Shareholders and Stakeholders.

Grand Impact Prize are presented to companies that

  1. Co-creating new modes of differentiation, 
  2. Reimagining business models for helping society/earth meet                              its most significant challenges,
  3. Managing to new measures of performance, and
  4. Reshaping business ecosystems to support sustainable business initiatives.


Getting your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) proposition right links to HIGHER Sustainable Value Creation.


The Award is open to all organisations from the public, private, and NGO sector with validated business registration around the world.

Grand Impact Category


Grand Impact Prize

Demonstration of Driving Wider Change on Society/Earth through Sustainable Business Model for Long-lasting ESG Value Creation.


Criteria of Grand Impact Prize Category:

1) Making at least 3 ESG Impacts across all Three Categories or equivalent.

2) A paragraph of 500 words maximum as an innovation justification for prize.

3) Nomination by SN Global Chapters or Invited Nominators


Prize Presentation:

Annual (Oct/Nov)

Applying for Grand Impact Prize Category

Familiarize yourself with this important information

before applying for Grand Impact Prize.

Who are the co-presenters?

  • The Prize is member of the InnoESG Prize Series, so it is presented by Co-Presenters (Co-Organizers) of the InnoESG Prize Series (SocietyNext Foundation, UNESCO HKA GPC, etc. . Subject to change each year).

What will the winners receive?

  • An Prize Trophy
  • Are honored at the InnoESG Prize Ceremony Event
  • License to use InnoESG Recognition Logo
  • Are featured in Official InnoESG Website
  • Can show achievements on Your Channel of ESG Brand (http://<company> Showing ESG Value)

What is the difference between categories?

  • Grand Impact, ESG Impact, Sustainable Impact and Positive Impact categories are member of the InnoESG Prize Series. 
  • There is no one-size-fits-all, the holistic recognitions series can support different companies. They can select different recognitions based on their ESG/Sustainability Strategy. 

Sustainable Impact Proof

  • Contact us for endorsed list of Impact Evaluation Organzation or in-house cerified persons for InnoESG's Different Categories.

What is your policy on confidential information?

  • The organisers will ensure that all sensitive information is kept private, and relevant documents are reviewed only by the judges. All information submitted from application will be kept confidential.
Past Winners