In the era of ESG,

Effective Sustainability Communication

is MUST.


Most people e.g., customers, impact investors, employees, suppliers, and communities, etc would like to see "Task Checked. (Badge Unlocked)" Team members can work together on badges and track badge progress at their sustainability enhancement meetings.


ESG is journey not a destination! Organizations take part will represent the SDG Badge and convey a clear, singular message to stakeholders: "We are working towards a sustainable future."

SDG Badge is symbolic positive impact vertification output and helps companies to make invisble business operations visible in the eye of key stakeholders. SDG Badge measures a corporate’s SDG alignment proficiency at particular business operations or community investment (Proving ESG Value). 


And for those up for a challenge, there are loads of symbolic SDG badges to aim for such as InnoESG Recognitions Series (Strategic ESG Prize, ESG Merit Plaque, or ESG Intervention Award).


The Badge(s) can be placed on website, on social media, on Signature ESG Profile (http://<Company>>), Effective Sustainability Communication, and in Annual ESG/Sustainability Report

SDG Badge Structure:

2 Categories

  • Inpact Action Recognition (corporate behaviors)
  • Community Investment Recognition (resource supports)


SDG-verified Criteria:

Business Operations linked to particular SDG number and its target(s)


Community Investment linked to particular SDG number and its target(s)


InnoESG Recognitions will issue SDG Badge and its certification with verify code for each SDG-verified business operations / community investment performed. This symbolic badge shows your sustainability/ESG efforts in the eyes of different kinds of stakeholders. And for those up for a challenge, there are loads of symbolic badges to aim for such as ESG Plaque, Intervention Award or ESG Prize. 



  1. Show ongoing contributions to sustainable develoment in the eyes of stakeholders
  2. Extend engagement and positive reinforcement in the company through action taken and its celebration
  3. Participate in an easy step towards sustainable value creation

SDG Badge Token Examples - Future-Proof Impact Action Category

Impact Action or Community Investment Categories are available

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